In Action

“Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.”

(Julia Child)

In between directing leadership camps, coaching hockey and enhancing the quality of student life for young girls, Brooklyn has been developing her career as a motivational speaker for nearly 10 years.
Below is a catalogue of videos, speeches and testimonials that feature Brooklyn in action as a high energy, entertaining and effective public speaker.
  • Keynote Address: Culver Women’s Celebration 2013, Culver Academies
  • dartmouthwhockeyIt was at one of America's most reputable colleges that Brooklyn launched her team performance coaching program.  Created specifically for the Dartmouth College women's hockey team, Brook led the team through a series of team building exercises that focused on teaching the female athletes how to be a leader both on and off the ice.  

    "Brooklyn worked with our team on becoming better communicators and in particular holding each other accountable on a daily basis. The energy she brought to the room, along with her immediate ways to make everyone comfortable, allowed the group to work in an honest and upfront setting. Brook worked in advance to customize the day’s activities so our team got the most out of our time. We can’t wait to have Brook back on campus to further address some everyday team challenges."

    -Holley Tyng, Associate Head Coach, Dartmouth Women's Hockey
  • kodak1
    Since its inception in 2011, the Girls Leadership Camp has grown under Brooklyn’s direction from 13 to 50 pre-high school female students.  This video is an example of the positive messaging and instruction that Brook provides her young learners.

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