The Possibilities

“A good leader inspires people to have confidence in the leader; a great leader inspires people to have confidence in themselves.”

(Eleanor Roosevelt)

  • "Brooklyn’s workshops were one of the most empowering experiences for our daughter. She was quite confident already, but the time spent with Brooklyn took her to new heights. It is wonderful to see our daughter feeling so capable and competent and also carry that energy into all areas of her life."  
    -Anonymous Mother, Vermont, USA

    brook4As a motivational speaker, Brooklyn offers keynote addresses, team lectures and conference workshops in personal leadership and character development for girls’ schools, sports teams, female educators and other women’s groups. Brooklyn’s talks are personally tailored to develop a trusting, nurturing connection with her audience; speaking intimately and interactively to capture the interest and imagination of young women.  


  • Brooklyn works with teachers, parents, sports coaches and community leaders to develop a curriculum that addresses the personal and social challenges that young women face each and every day.
    Brooklyn leads workshops, classes and seminars on several educational topics, including:
    • Conflict resolutionbb3
    • Peer pressure
    • Body image and the media
    • Time and stress management
    • Sexual decision making
    • Digital citizenship
  • Brooklyn’s leadership coaching program is targeted towards parents, academic leaders, student leaders and female athletes.  Brooklyn works with these individuals and their respective daughters, schools, teams or communities in leadership development that helps young women cultivate confidence, strength and positivity within themselves.  Programs are designed to include personal consultation and tailored advice.
    Brooklyn’s coaching programs include:bb6
    • Female leadership
    • Creative mentorship
    • Educational theatre
    • Relationship development for mothers and daughters
    • Team performance (personal leadership through sport)


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